SS 2016

The counter interpretation of 2 cultures; eastern culture
and western culture The latest collection of Q DESIGN
by the aristocrat’s clothing from 2 cultures. However, a
counter interpretation is used instead of using the exact

The western society portrays the eastern society as a
whole culture society. Therefore, in this collection, the
western society is portrayed throughout the eye of the
eastern society. The aristocrat’s clothing pieces are
turned into a Sport Wear line combining with the cute
Japanese signature cartoon.

The colour tone is derived from the tones of the western
aristocrat’s clothing such as red, camo, navy and white.
All is portrayed throughout the mark of each dynasty
and the pattern’s on each piece. Camouflage is also
used and combined with gold and silver in order to
add flamboyance. Thai boxing shorts is also another
key piece in this collection. The clothing structures
of the western society emphasize on casual style,
therefore, the collection uses the pattern of sport wear
combining with oversize item.